Languages and frameworks that we use for web development:

1. HTMLS5, CSS3 and Javascript development

HTML5 is the preferred front end coding language for websites and web apps. It is used along with CSS to customize the appearance of websites. The best thing about using HTML5 for web development is that it offers consistency across multiple browsers. jQuery is a feature-rich JavaScript library. It simplifies the frontend process and comes in handy to create animations, add plugins, and simplify complicated JavaScript tasks. Also, it standardizes interaction between JavaScript codes and HTML elements.




2. CMS Platforms

We build SEO semantic and secure websites using the most popular CMS platforms. Our team uses the best builders to code custom WordPress Joomla and Drupal websites. The three best supported and popular open source CMS systems are Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. Which is best for your company depends on a number of factors. The level of flexibility offered varies between these three with Wordpress offering the least flexibility and Drupal the greatest overall flexibility. Conversely, Wordpress is the easiest to use while Drupal is the hardest. As a general rule, micro-companies are happiest with Wordpress and large enterprises are happiest with Drupal. For the small companies in our target market, we generally find that they are happiest with Joomla, with Wordpress running a close second.





3. Frameworks

A framework is a set of templates, ready-made blocks of code. The framework of the future project, on which the developer can add additional functions required by the company or the individual. If you need to make a large application, be it a social network or a corporate application for communication of the employees in your company, then we cannot do it without frameworks. Projects written using frameworks are easy to develop and improve, because the structure is standard. Any web developer who works with these frameworks can work with any project made on these frameworks. The disadvantages include the fact that an application written using a framework is more "heavy" than a website written in pure Javascript. The fun fact is that apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, New York Times are written in ReactJS framework. And The Guardian and PS version of YouTube is written on Angular.





4. Backend development

The backend is the database which is responsible for all website API, integrations and site logic. For the backend, we often choose PHP, Java, Python, Go, C #, Ruby. Also, the backend is written on ready-made frameworks such as Node.js, Meteor, etc. The choice of a particular language or framework depends on the specification of your project. For example, if you need a person to leave their phone number or mail on your website, and this data needs to immediately come to your mailbox, then we would use PHP for this (about 70% of websites are written on it). If you have a large project with complex logic, then it is advisable to use a framework, this will reduce the cost of work and reduce the developing hours.






Technical specification

We will discuss the parameters of the project: goals and objectives, time required for project completion, budget etc. We we will need to ask many questions to form a common vision of the project.

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Technical specification review

We analyze all the received information on the project. Functionality, ideas, KPI, your wishes and interests. We will do a deep analysis of your competitor websites, and we will discuss all of their advantages and disadvantages. We will form the structure, logic and hierarchy of the project.

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Technical specification is a collection of written information that is difficult to imagine, because you can not see anything. For a better understanding of the project, we will make a prototype for you. It will contain a simplified graphical part of your website. After the prototype is approved by you, we will start with the design.

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We will need your involvement during this stage, our designers will share some ideas and thoughts on how they see your project, and then we will need to understand how our approach correlates with your vision.

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At this stage, all preparation work has been done and we are ready to get started with coding. The project gets animation and interactivity. This is not just a set of pictures, but a full-fledged working page in accordance with modern web development standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript etc.). We add all the security and control features, testing functionality and teaching to how to manage and update the website on daily basis

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We stay close, even when the project has already launched. You can always ask us any questions and reach out if any technical support is needed. Need content support? No problems - we will fill in the website with pictures, videos and texts.

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